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12 sections • 12 lectures
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Chapter 1 - Constitution
1 lectures • 3h 35min
Chapter 4 - Executive
1 lectures • 1h 26min
Chapter 5 - Judiciary
1 lectures • 1h 24min
Chapter 6 - Federalism
1 lectures • 1h 25min
Chapter 7 - Local Government
1 lectures • 0h 53min
Local Government
Chapter 8 - Political Theory an Introduction
1 lectures • 0h 53min
Political Theory an Introduction
Chapter 10 - Equality
1 lectures • 1h 19min
Chapter 11 - Justice
1 lectures • 0h 59min
Chapter 12 - Rights
1 lectures • 0h 55min
Chapter 13 - Citizenship
1 lectures • 1h 7min
Chapter 14 - Nationalism
1 lectures • 0h 50min
Chapter 15 - Secularism
1 lectures • 1h 12min


Welcome to our Class 11th Political Science - NCERT Full Syllabus playlist. In this playlist, we have compiled a series of videos covering the entire syllabus of Class 11th Political Science as per the NCERT textbook. This playlist is perfect for students who are preparing for their exams or simply want to gain a deeper understanding of the subject. The playlist includes lectures on topics such as the nature of the state, democracy, and governance, international relations, and political parties. Each video is led by expert educators who break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand segments and provide real-world examples to help students better grasp the material.

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Ms. Shweta Pandey
Ms. Shweta Pandey

Expertise in Political Science

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Miss Shweta Pandey is an accomplished individual who has achieved several milestones in her academic and professional career. She has completed her education at the Institute for Excellence in Higher Education and has been selected for campus placements in both Infosys and TCS. Additionally, she has been appointed as an Account Officer in the Madhya Pradesh Marketing Federation. Along with her professional accomplishments, Miss Pandey has a passion for teaching and has been sharing her knowledge and expertise through her teaching experience of 6 years in academics. She specializes in coaching students for competitive exams such as the State Civil Services and SSC, and has helped many students succeed in these exams. Her teaching skills are highly recognized, as evidenced by her own qualification in the State Civil Services Prelims exam.

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