Your Queries, Answered: Delving Into Common Questions About Our Educational Platform
What courses are offered at Step Up Academy?

Step Up Academy offers courses for various academic and competitive exams, including foundation course, NEET, JEE and more.

How does Step Up Academy use technology to enhance student skills and creativity?

Step Up Academy utilizes technology to create interactive and experimental learning modules that enhance student skills and understanding of complex concepts. Step Up Academy provide a blend of academic concepts and co-curricular activities to foster holistic development.

What sets Step Up Academy apart from other coaching institutes?

Step Up Academy differentiates itself by offering a hybrid learning hub that combines online learning flexibility with in-person teaching. A team of experienced educators, provide 24/7 live guidance, and offer a focus on building a strong foundation of knowledge.

What are the advantages of choosing Step Up Academy?

Advantages of choosing Step Up Academy includes:

Hybrid learning model

Personalized assistance from experienced mentors

24/7 access to guidance and doubt-solving

Self-evaluation through weekly computer-based test series

Interactive and experimental learning modules

How does the hybrid learning model at Step Up Academy benefit students?

The hybrid learning model at Step Up Academy offers dynamic and engaging content, providing the flexibility of online learning combined with the in-person teaching of offline learning.

What are the fees at Step Up Academy?

The fees at Step Up Academy are reasonably priced and vary depending on the course. Students can have the opportunity to avail discounts and scholarships based on their merit.

Where is the offline center of Step Up Academy located?

The offline center of Step Up Academy is located at Plot No. 7, Maharana Pratap Nagar Zone 2, Bhopal (M.P.).

Is Step Up Academy available on YouTube?

Yes. Students can watch the expert lectures for free on the official channel of Step Up Academy @stepupacademyindia