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Chapter 1 - Introduction (Microeconomics)
6 lectures • 1h 56min
Introduction - Chapter Overview
What is Economics?
What is Economy?
Economics Activities and Non-Economic Activities
Factor Resources
Chapter 2 - Consumer Equilibrium (Microeconomics)
1 lectures • 1h 40min
Consumer Equilibrium
Chapter 3 - Demand (Microeconomics)
1 lectures • 1h 20min
Chapter 4 - Elasticity of Demand (Microeconomics)
1 lectures • 1h 2min
Elasticity of Demand
Chapter 5 - Production (Microeconomics)
1 lectures • 0h 48min
Chapter 6 - Cost (Microeconomics)
1 lectures • 0h 38min
Chapter 7 - Revenue (Microeconomics)
1 lectures • 0h 55min
Chapter 8 - Producer Equilibrium (Microeconomics)
1 lectures • 0h 24min
Producer Equilibrium
Chapter 9 - Theory of Supply (Microeconomics)
1 lectures • 0h 53min
Theory of Supply
Chapter 10 - Main Market Form (Microeconomics)
1 lectures • 0h 36min
Main Market Form
Chapter 11 - Price Determination (Microeconomics)
1 lectures • 1h 7min
Price Determination
Chapter 1 - An Introduction (Statistics)
1 lectures • 0h 22min
An Introduction
Chapter 2 - Meaning Scope and Importance of Statistics (Statistics)
1 lectures • 0h 33min
Meaning Scope and Importance of Statistics
Chapter 3 - Collection of Data (Statistics)
1 lectures • 1h 11min
Collection of Data
Chapter 4 - Organization of Data Classification (Statistics)
1 lectures • 1h 10min
Organization of Data Classification
Chapter 5 - Tabular Presentation (Statistics)
1 lectures • 0h 40min
Tabular Presentation
Chapter 6 - Diagrammatic Presentation of Data (Statistics)
1 lectures • 0h 24min
Diagrammatic Presentation of Data
Chapter 7 - Graphic Presentation (Statistics)
1 lectures • 0h 46min
Graphic Presentation
Chapter 8 - Measures of Central Tendency Arithmetic Mean (Statistics)
1 lectures • 1h 8min
Measures of Central Tendency Arithmetic Mean
Chapter 9 - Measures of Central Tendency Median and Mode (Statistics)
1 lectures • 1h 33min
Measures of Central Tendency Median and Mode
Chapter 10 - Measures of Dispersion (Statistics)
1 lectures • 1h 50min
Measures of Dispersion
Chapter 11 - Measures of Correlation (Statistics)
1 lectures • 0h 52min
Measures of Correlation
Chapter 12 - Index Number (Statistics)
1 lectures • 0h 32min
Index Number


Class 11th Economics is a course that covers the full NCERT syllabus for economics. It includes topics such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, national income, money and banking, international trade, and public finance. The course focuses on developing an understanding of the economic principles and concepts and how they apply to real-world scenarios. It also provides a foundation for further study in economics at higher levels.

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Mr. Vijay Thakre has successfully completed his undergraduate education with a Bachelors degree in Commerce (B.Com), and Bachelors degree in Education (B.Ed.). Additionally, he has earned a Masters degree in Economics (M.A.) to further expand his knowledge and expertise in the field. With his extensive academic background, Mr. Thakre has gained over 12 years of teaching experience in the subject of Economics. He has been imparting his knowledge to students through his engaging teaching style, which has helped him establish a strong reputation as an excellent teacher. Through his vast experience, Mr. Thakre has been able to develop a deep understanding of the subject matter and has been successful in guiding his students towards academic excellence in Economics.