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10 sections • 31 lectures
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Chapter 1 - Introduction to Accounting
9 lectures • 2h 5min
Introduction to Accounting
Introduction to Accounting - Chapter Overview
Branches of Accounting
Bookkeeping Accounting and Accountancy
Accounting Information
Users of Accounting Information
System of Accounting
Multiple Choice Questions
Chapter 2 - Basic Accounting Terms
5 lectures • 2h 17min
Basic Accounting Terms
Basic Accounting Terms - Chapter Overview
Basic Accounting Terms (Part 1)
Basic Accounting Terms (Part 2)
Multiple Choice Questions
Chapter 3 - Theory Base of Accounting (GAAP) & IND-AS
4 lectures • 2h 7min
Theory Base of Accounting (GAAP)
Accounting Principles
Multiple Choice Questions
Chapter 4 - Bases of Accounting
3 lectures • 0h 57min
Bases of Accounting
Bases of Accounting - Chapter Overview
Bases of Accounting
Chapter 5 - Accounting Equation
5 lectures • 1h 31min
Accounting Equation
Accounting Equation - Chapter Overview
Accounting Equations
Multiple Choice Questions
Chapter 6 - Accounting Procedures Rules of Debit and Credit
1 lectures • 0h 50min
Accounting Procedures Rules of Debit and Credit
Chapter 8 - Journal
1 lectures • 2h 37min
Chapter 9 - Ledger
1 lectures • 0h 50min
Chapter 10 - Special Purpose Books 1 - Cash Book
1 lectures • 1h 44min
Special Purpose Books 1 - Cash Book
Chapter 14 - Trial Balance
1 lectures • 0h 35min
Trial Balance


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