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4 sections • 31 lectures
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Chapter 1 - Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
15 lectures • 11h 14min
Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
Some Basic Concept of Chemistry - Chapter Overview
What is Chemistry and Its Importance
Matter and Its States
Measurement and Unit System
Significant Figures and Scientific Notation
Unit System
Laws of Chemical Combinations
Dalton's Atomic Theory
Atomic and Molecular Mass
Mole Concept
Percentage Composition
Empirical Formula
NCERT Solutions
Chapter 2 - Atomic Structure
14 lectures • 12h 43min
Atomic Structure
Atomic Structure - Chapter Overview
What is Atom?
Cathode Ray Experiment and Anode Rays
Millikan Oil Drop Experiment
Atomic Models: Dalton, Thomson, Rutherford
Electromagnetic Waves
Particle Nature of Electromagnetic Radiation
De-Broglie Hypothesis and Photoelectric Effect
Bohr's Atomic Model
Hydrogen Spectrum
Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
Atomic Structure - NCERT Solutions (Question and Answer) Part 1
Atomic Structure - NCERT Solutions (Question and Answer) Part 2
Chapter 4 - Chemical Bonding
1 lectures • 2h 40min
Chemical Bonding
Chapter 6 - Thermodynamics
1 lectures • 1h 59min


Do you find yourself feeling confused about the exam syllabus? Do you find yourself struggling to find the answers to the questions in the exam? Do not worry, we are here to help! In this video, we will be sharing the Class 11 Chemistry Full Syllabus Overview, as well as our One Shot Revision Strategy for Exam 2023.

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Mr. Rahul Gurung
Mr. Rahul Gurung

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Rahul Gurung is an experienced and highly qualified educator with an M.Sc. in Chemistry and a decade of teaching experience. His in-depth knowledge and expertise in Chemistry have earned him respect in the academic community. He has a talent for simplifying complex ideas and presenting them in a straightforward manner that aids his students understanding. Gurung teaching style focuses on individual attention and support to assist his students in achieving academic excellence. He has honed his teaching skills through years of experience and a deep understanding of the learning process. Gurung has inspired numerous students to pursue their academic and professional goals. He has an excellent track record of tailoring his teaching methods to meet the unique needs of each student, which is a testament to his 10+ years of experience in teaching. Overall, Gurung is a passionate educator who has made a significant impact on his students lives by helping them succeed academically and develop a love of learning.

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