Exam season has already begun in India. Students are expected to be practiced in key concepts of their subjects. With so many different paper patterns and question formats, students may become confused in the days before exams.


Covering the whole syllabus is time-consuming, but there are some constructive ways to prepare for exams. Mock tests and previous years question papers are effective exam preparation tools. 



Helps in Decoding the Paper Pattern

Students must use smart study strategies because they are aware of the shortage of time. Solving previous exam papers is one of the best strategy that helps students to comprehend the exam pattern. Decoding previous years question papers will help you understand:


The kinds of questions asked in the exam.

The most frequently asked topics.

The required format for responses.

Knowing the aforementioned aspects will assist students in properly preparing for the exams.


Time Management

One of the most significant advantages of solving previous year papers is improved time management. Previous year papers aid in the development of a strategy for allocating specific time to specific questions. 


Increases Your Self-Confidence

Students who solve previous year question papers and take mock tests are more likely to be confident before exams. They are aware of their ability to apply concepts in a limited time frame during exams. This aids in achieving a calm state of mind in preparation for exams.


Save Time for Doubts

Solving question papers allows students to gain a thorough understanding of concepts. It also solidifies their theoretical knowledge. This directly improves exam and real-world application preparation. After completing mock tests, students can immediately begin resolving their roadblocks using online doubt answering platforms such as Step Up Academy. These platforms provide students with verified answers in minutes, allowing them to save time before exams.