1.     Make a plan & stick to it

Knowing before doing and deciding beforehand what is to be done helps in bridging the gap between your preparation and goals. Note down every step you will follow in the future course of action to achieve your goal. Your to-do list must be cleanly maintained. P.S. – Your goals must be S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely).


2.     Take enough breaks. (Use Pomodoro Techniques)

Breaks are helpful in rejuvenating yourself. Working in sprints gives you the energy-saving mode feature. All the energy that is restored while you are on a healthy break, redounds you to come up with a refreshing start. The Pomodoro technique contributes greatly to avoid the misuse of breaks. To follow the Pomodoro technique of time management, follow these four steps - i. Be ready with your task list and timer. ii. Set a timer of 25 minutes and work on your task till the timer ends. iii. Take a 5 minutes break and set yourself on energy-saving mode. iv. After completing 4 Pomodoros, take a long break of 15-20 minutes.


3.     Read, write & revise

When you begin, read any concept like you are reading a story. In the second step, read again, but now with a bit more focus and make notes to not easily forget what you read. Finally, revise all your notes and important concepts. Following these three easy steps - reading, writing, and revising help in retaining your studied topics for a longer duration.


4.     Take help from free sources

We often say that nothing is for free in this world, everything costs you a price. However, if we know how to use the free stuff smartly, its cost can be reduced to zero and only the profit can be earned in the end. Nowadays, there are various free sources available on the internet that can be used wisely to earn knowledge.


5.     Stay focused & avoid distractions

No!! Dont blame only technology and social media for your laziness and distractions. Gossiping on pointless topics, backbiting, stalking some random profiles on social media, and scrolling and watching reels without blinking your eyes for a second can also be a massive hindrance in your journey to achieve goals and can definitely lower your productivity.


6.     Organize your surroundings well 

Your surroundings reflect your personality and working culture. So, always try to keep your surroundings in a way that mirrors your healthy personality and helps you better to stay focused for many hours at a time.


7.     Stop Procrastination

The famous saying Kal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab is now very smoothly changed by professional procrastinators as Aaj kare so kal kar, kal kare so parso. To increase productivity to 2x, you need to stop procrastinating and start working.


8.     Take care of your health

When your body remains healthy, your mind also becomes extra productive. Daily exercise, playing games in your free time, going on a small walk in free your time, and timely stretching of muscles freshen up your brain and body.

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