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8 sections • 19 lectures
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Chapter 1 - Relations and Functions - One Shot
13 lectures • 10h 2min
Relations and Functions
Relations and Functions - Chapter Overview
Cartesian Product of Two Sets
Relation, Its Representation and Trivial Relations
Types of Relations
Relations and Functions - Exercise 1.1 (Part 1)
Relations and Functions - Exercise 1.1 (Part 2)
Relations and Functions - Exercise 1.1 (Part 3)
Functions, Definition and Types of Functions
NCERT Examples on Types of Functions
Relations and Functions - Exercise 1.2 (Part 1)
Relations and Functions - Exercise 1.2 (Part 2)
Relations and Functions - Miscellaneous Exercise
Chapter 2 - Inverse Trigonometric Functions
0 lectures • 0h 0min
Chapter 3 - Matrices
1 lectures • 2h 0min
Chapter 4 - Determinants
1 lectures • 2h 0min
Chapter 5 - Continuity and Differentiability
1 lectures • 2h 23min
Continuity and Differentiability
Chapter 6 - Applications of Derivatives
1 lectures • 2h 22min
Applications of Derivatives
Chapter 7 - Integral
1 lectures • 2h 36min
Chapter 13 - Probability
1 lectures • 4h 25min


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