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Chapter 1 - The Last Lesson (Flamingo Prose + Poetry)
1 lectures • 1h 14min
The Last Lesson
Chapter 2 - Lost Spring (Flamingo Prose + Poetry)
1 lectures • 1h 22min
Lost Spring
Chapter 3 - Deep Water (Flamingo Prose + Poetry)
2 lectures • 2h 7min
Deep Water
A Thing of Beauty
Chapter 4 - The Rattrap (Flamingo Prose + Poetry)
2 lectures • 5h 7min
The Rattrap
A Roadside Stand
Chapter 5 - Indigo (Flamingo Prose + Poetry)
2 lectures • 2h 28min
Aunt Jennifer's Tigers
Chapter 6 - Poets and Pancakes (Flamingo Prose + Poetry)
1 lectures • 1h 14min
Poets and Pancakes
Chapter 7 - The Interview (Flamingo Prose + Poetry)
1 lectures • 1h 19min
The Interview
Chapter 8 - Going Places (Flamingo Prose + Poetry)
2 lectures • 3h 2min
Going Places
Going Places
Chapter 1 - The Third Level (Vistas)
1 lectures • 1h 29min
The Third Level
Chapter 2 - The Tiger King (Vistas)
1 lectures • 1h 29min
The Tiger King
Chapter 3 - Journey to the end of the Earth (Vistas)
1 lectures • 0h 58min
Journey to the end of the Earth
Chapter 4 - The Enemy (Vistas)
1 lectures • 1h 39min
The Enemy
Chapter 5 - On the Face of It (Vistas)
1 lectures • 1h 10min
On The Face of It
Chapter 6 - Memories of Childhood (Vistas)
1 lectures • 1h 16min
Memories of Childhood


Class 12th English is a crucial stage in a students academic career as it lays the foundation for higher studies and career opportunities. The NCERT syllabus for Class 12th English covers a wide range of topics and concepts that aim to develop the students linguistic, reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. The syllabus includes various literary works such as poems, prose, and plays from different periods and genres. It also focuses on developing the students language skills through grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and composition exercises. Additionally, the syllabus also includes a section on functional English that focuses on developing the students communication skills for real-life situations. Overall, the Class 12th English NCERT syllabus provides a comprehensive and well-rounded learning experience for students, preparing them for higher education and future careers.

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Ms. Neha Sachdeva

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Being a verbal trainer, Neha Mam teaches in such a playful and joyful manner that it holds students attention throughout the lecture. Her amazing approach to explaining the rules of grammar shed students fears about English being difficult to comprehend.