Plenty of vegetables and fruits are available in winter that gives no dearth of it. Along with this, winter also becomes the season of sweets and feasts. It is not easy to avoid these feasts, even in the midst of healthy fruits and vegetables. Because in winter, we feel like eating to the fullest. It feels overwhelming when the food is served hot in winters.

No matter how tasty the food is, but we should take special care that the food we consume should be nutritious as well as tasty.

In this blog, we will tell you about 7 such food items from which you should keep distance in winter to maintain your health.



1) Fried Food Items

It is scrumptious to have hot kachoris, samosas or bread pakoras amidst the cold winds. It becomes difficult to control the chatori tongue. But before eating them, keep in mind that the metabolic rate is very low in winter. You can eat such food to fulfil your heart desire, but after that it becomes difficult to work because this food makes you feel heavy & bloated.


2) Things Made from Refined Sugar

In winter, things made of refined sugar can cause a lot of harm. Refined sugar can cause inflammation and affect your immunity. You can easily become a victim of seasonal diseases because of weak immunity. If you feel like eating sweets, then choose seasonal fruits instead of things made of refined sugar.


3) Cold Milk Shakes

Nothing is better than milk for health. But it would be good to avoid cold and flavored milk in winters. Instead of these add things like turmeric, almond or saffron and drink hot or lukewarm milk. This will be beneficial for health and will also protect you from seasonal diseases.


4) Buttermilk

If consumed in summer, buttermilk is a great drink which also keeps digestion right. But drinking cold buttermilk in winter can easily catch cold.


5) Peanut Chikki

Jaggery and peanut chikki are also eagerly awaited in winters. But it would be better to avoid over dosage of these sugary items. Chikki is full of calories, which can increase weight very easily if eaten in excess. If you want to control your weight, then it will be appropriate to eat peanut and jaggery chikki less.


6) Preserved Food

Packaged or preserved food can be very harmful for health. Due to being preserved, the nutrition present in them is lost. Apart from this, many people may also be allergic to such foods.


7) Cold Drinks and Preserved Fruit Juices

Cold drinks are not good for health, either in winter or summer. One should not drink reserved fruit juices available in the market. These fruit juices are loaded with sugar, which can do more harm than good. Their cold temperature can also cause cold and flu.



It is important to note here that you should always consult an expert or a doctor for health tips that suits your body. 

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