In commemoration of the 26th of January being the anniversary of the Foundation Day of the Constitution of India, Republic Day is celebrated each year on this day. This commemorates the date when the Indian Constitution came into force, replacing the Government of India Act, which was drafted in 1935. From then on, India became a Republic State that is run by its people, for its people.”. The Constitution of India assures the rights and duties of all Indians, especially its citizens who live in urban and rural areas. Three days of dances, shows, and pageants mark Indias Republic Day celebration. There are between nine and twelve distinct regiments of the Indian Army, along with the Navy and Air Forces groups in all their splendor and authority. Taking the salute is the President of India, who is also the Chief of the Indian Armed Forces. Twelve contingents of different para-military powers of India and other joint powers additionally partake in this parade. Following Republic Day merriments, the Beating Retreat function is held. It is performed by groups of the three wings of the military, Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force. The setting is on Raisina Hill, with a nearby square, Vijay Chawk floored by the North and South piece of Rashtrapati Bhavan towards the finish of Rajpath.

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