Every board exam includes at least two to three subjects in which students must memorize almost all the formulas. Mathematics may be the case for some, while Chemistry or Physics may be the case for others. While some formulas are simple to remember, others can be difficult to remember.

It is commonly seen that many students struggle with memorizing all the formulas, particularly those students who have a weak foundation in the subject. It can be difficult and confusing to remember all the formulas in one go.  In this post, we will share 8 simple tips that will prove to be beneficial in memorizing all Science, Mathematics, and other subjects formulas.


1. Try to Boost Your Interest in the Concept

It is important to be interested in the subject you are studying. If you're not interested in the concept, you won't be able to grasp and able to fully comprehend it. In other words, understanding and learning something that interests you is always easier.


2. Understand the Derivation of the Formulas

When one understands the process behind formation of any formula, it is much easier to memorize it. Understanding how a formula is derived can help you decide when to use it and how to apply it. To memorize something, you must first understand its significance. When we understand the entire reason or method behind a particular formula, it is easier for students to memorize it because then it makes more sense to us.

So, it is essential to understand the process behind a particular formula in order to remember it. When we understand the entire process behind a particular formula, it becomes easier to remember.


3. Visualize the Concept

It is easier to remember a concept when we associate it with visuals. Placing a visual alongside each formula will enable you to remember them all.

Picturizing what you are learning enables to retain the concept for a longer duration, and it also improves the cognitive abilities.


4. Repetition of Formulas

Repetition exercise can help in sharpening your memory. Yes, we have all heard that writing and repeating the word is the best way to memorize it. It is considered to be more effective to write the formulas to remember. However, this process of memorizing formulas should not be misunderstood with rote-memorization method. You should always understand the concept behind the formulas and not merely mugging up. This will help you understand the formulas and apply them when solving problems.


5. Solve As Many Questions As Possible

Our brain can recall almost everything we write. The more you practise with each formula, entering different values, the better you will understand the formulas.

It will take some time to practise each formula, but it will be worthwhile, especially when your exam is approaching.

Writing complex formulas down and practising them with a variety of questions will help you remember them. Solving sample papers or mock test papers on a routine basis is an excellent technique. This will allow you to confidently solve question papers as well as practise formulas.


6. Write the Formulas on Chart Paper and Stick it in your Surrounding

One should first create a separate formula list of all the formulas. Writing the equations and formulas down several times will help you remember them. Because the brain has a tendency to remember what we write. Furthermore, you should write the formulas on paper or draw them on charts and stick somewhere in your bedroom. This can work wonders for remembering them.

This is due to the fact that you will get to look at the formulas on a daily basis and gradually become acquainted with the list of formulas.


7. Using a Mnemonic Technique

The mnemonic method aids recalling and is one of the most important methods for retaining any information or knowledge we learn. Mnemonic techniques are ways to help you memorize a phrase or idea with patterns. Mnemonic devices can be used in a variety of ways using images, acronym, rhyming and music, chunking.

Mnemonics technique help you learn the formula by simplifying, summarizing, and compressing information.

So, if you need to recall and store a large amount of new information, try the mnemonic technique.


8. Do Not Miss to Revise

Revise the formula whenever possible; it will undoubtedly be of great assistance to you. It is also a good idea to say the formulas aloud to yourself to help remember them.
Moreover, following various educational channels where you can have a great revision can surely be a helpful. Step Up Academy is such a channel that provides amazing educational tips and tricks and is really advantageous.

As a student, you are expected to know numerous scientific and mathematical formulas. Trying to remember them all can be overwhelming. However, some quick practises can help you learn all the formulas. Following these simple techniques will definitely help you in memorizing the important formulas.