The Central Board of Secondary Education is all set to conduct the Board Examinations 2023 from February 15, 2023. No doubt, studying rigorously can help you score the highest marks. But the presentation of your answer sheet is equally important as perfect preparation, memorization of every point, and understanding of concepts. Your thorough understanding of the concepts must reflect in the presentation of your answers. 

If you aim to score good marks, you must know how to write answers perfectly. So, here are some tips to write perfect answers in the CBSE Board Exams 2023:


1.   Understand the Question Paper: Read the questions carefully and make sure you understand what it is asking. You will get 15 minutes to read the question paper. Students often ignore the importance of reading the question paper. You should read the complete question paper thoroughly. This process will give you clarity about planning your time according to the questions.


2.   Manage Your Time: Not being able to attempt the question even when you know its answer, just because of the mismanagement of time, is the worst nightmare ever. If you give extra time to a specific section only, then you will not have enough time to attempt other sections. Manage your time effectively and make sure you answer all the questions in the given time.


3.   Use Clear Language & Write Neatly: Students should avoid short forms, jargon, and tricky words in the answers. Use clear and concise language to express your thoughts and ideas.  To make your answer look interesting and not boring, you can also write it using headlines and points, rather than writing only paragraphs.

Before writing the answer, take a few seconds and frame the outline of the answer in your mind. Planning the answer in this way can help you to write a direct-to-the-point answer and avoid overwriting and making mistakes.


4.   Support Your Answer with Examples, Diagrams, and Flow Charts: Use relevant examples to support your answer and make it more convincing. Writing examples in the answer will help to show your understanding of the concept and can make your answer more convincing and credible. Making the diagrams and flow charts according to the requirement of the question will also increase your chances to get good marks.


5.   Avoid Writing Unnecessary Stories: Most students have this misconception that just filling out the answer sheets and writing extra-long answers can help them gain extra marks. Students should write concise, and clear answers. Answers should be within the word limit.

Remember to stick to the prescribed format for the question, and include all necessary details and sections without adding unnecessary stories.


6.   Revise and Edit: Students must give their last 10 to 15 minutes to re-check the answers. This will help in correcting minor grammatical mistakes and spelling errors if there are any. Also, you will be able to check if mistakenly any question is left to be attempted. So, re-read and check your answers and make necessary edits to ensure clarity and correctness. 


These tips will certainly help students to present their answers perfectly in the board exams.

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Best of luck!