Studying for long hours and still getting low grades? You are not alone if you study for long hours and still perform poorly in exams. Most students are concerned about their low grades in spite of giving most of the time of the day. Although it may appear absurd, studying for long hours does not guarantee that you will pass your exams. Here are 3 common mistakes that students make while studying.



1. You do not have a strategy or a study plan.

It is difficult to know what to focus on if you do not have a study plan to guide you through your study sessions. Every time you sit down to study, make a schedule of the topics you will be covering that day.



2. You are too much worried about your exam.

Exam anxiety affects many students. When your mind is clouded by negative thoughts, it is difficult to concentrate on the exam. In order to improve your exam performance, think positively and believe in yourself.


3. You are just studying to pass the exam.

The goal of studying should be to comprehend concepts and fundamentals, rather than simply pass an exam. When studying, do not rely on rote learning and mere memorization. Instead, try to make sense of the topics by analyzing the interrelationships between various concepts and comprehending their applications.


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