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Chapter 1 - Power Sharing
2 lectures • 1h 58min
Power Sharing
Power Sharing
Chapter 1 - Power Sharing
0 lectures • 0h 0min
Chapter 2 - Federalism
1 lectures • 1h 35min
Chapter 3 - Gender Religion and Caste
1 lectures • 1h 28min
Gender Religion and Caste
Chapter 6 - Political Parties
1 lectures • 1h 48min
Political Parties
Chapter 7 - Outcomes of Democracy
1 lectures • 1h 0min
Outcomes of Democracy


Welcome to our Class 10th Civics playlist! This playlist covers the full syllabus of the NCERT Civics textbook for Class 10th students. It includes a series of lectures, explanations, and summaries of all the chapters in the textbook, as well as practice questions and solutions to help you master the material. Whether you are looking to review the concepts covered in class or need additional help with your studies, this playlist has you covered. So lets get started on your Civics journey!

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