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2 lectures • 0h 59min
Solutions (L 1)
Solutions (L 2)
2 lectures • 0h 48min
Electrochemistry (L 1)
Electrochemistry (L 2)
Chemical Kinetics
2 lectures • 1h 53min
Chemical Kinetics (L 1)
Chemical Kinetics (L 2)
Mole Concept
1 lectures • 0h 58min
Mole Concept (L 1)


Prepare for JEE 2023-24 Chemistry with TEJAS intensive 90 Days Crash Course. Our expert-led program ensures a comprehensive understanding of key concepts, coupled with strategic problem-solving skills. Join us for focused coaching, practice tests, and personalized guidance to optimize your preparation. With a proven track record, TEJAS empowers students to excel in JEE exams confidently. Enroll now for a transformative learning experience.

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Mr. Rahul Ranjan

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