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Chapter 1 - The Fun They Had (Beehive Prose + Poetry)
5 lectures • 4h 31min
The Fun They Had
The Road Not Taken
The Fun They Had - Introduction
The Fun They Had - Detailed Explanation Lecture 2
The Fun They Had - Detailed Explanation Lecture 3
Chapter 2 - The Sound of Music (Beehive Prose + Poetry)
2 lectures • 2h 17min
The Sound of Music
Chapter 3 - The Little Girl (Beehive Prose + Poetry)
2 lectures • 1h 35min
The Little Girl
Rain on the Roof
Chapter 4 - A Truly Beautiful Mind (Beehive Prose + Poetry)
2 lectures • 2h 15min
A Truly Beautiful Mind
The Lake Isle of Innisfree
Chapter 5 - The Snake and the Mirror (Beehive Prose + Poetry)
2 lectures • 1h 47min
The Snake and the Mirror
The Legend of the Northland
Chapter 6 - My Childhood (Beehive Prose + Poetry)
2 lectures • 2h 16min
My Childhood
No Men Are Foreign
Chapter 7 - Reach for the Top (Beehive Prose + Poetry)
2 lectures • 2h 3min
Reach for the Top
On Killing a Tree
Chapter 8 - Kathmandu (Beehive Prose + Poetry)
2 lectures • 1h 32min
A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal
Chapter 9 - If I Were You (Beehive Prose + Poetry)
1 lectures • 1h 14min
If I Were You


Welcome to our Class 9th English NCERT Full Syllabus playlist! This playlist contains a comprehensive set of video lessons covering the entire English syllabus for Class 9 as prescribed by the NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training). Each lesson is taught by experienced teachers and includes explanations, examples, and practice exercises to help you master the concepts. Whether you are a student looking for extra help with your studies, or a teacher searching for classroom resources, this playlist has something for everyone. Start learning today and ace your exams!

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