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Basic Mathematics used in Physics
1 lectures • 1h 4min
Basic Mathematics used in Physics
Basic Mathematics Used in Physics
1 lectures • 1h 0min
Basic Mathematics Used in Physics
1 lectures • 1h 19min
Units, Dimensions and Measurement
2 lectures • 1h 51min
Units, Dimensions and Measurement (Part 1)
Units, Dimensions and Measurement (Part 2)
2 lectures • 1h 55min
Kinematics (Part 1)
Kinematics (Part 2)
Laws of Motion and Friction
1 lectures • 1h 3min
Laws of Motion and Friction
Work, Energy and Power
1 lectures • 1h 8min
Work, Energy and Power
1 lectures • 1h 2min
1 lectures • 1h 1min
Mechanical Properties of Fluids
2 lectures • 2h 1min
Mechanical Properties of Fluids (Part 1)
Mechanical Properties of Fluids (Part 2)
4 lectures • 4h 2min
Electrostatics (Part 1)
Electrostatics (Part 2)
Electrostatics (Part 3)
Electrostatics (Part 3)
Electric Current
2 lectures • 1h 56min
Electric Current (Part 1)
Electric Current (Part 2)
Magnetic Effect of Electric Current
2 lectures • 1h 58min
Magnetic Effect of Electric Current (Part 1)
Magnetic Effect of Electric Current (Part 2)
Electromagnetic Induction
2 lectures • 1h 57min
Electromagnetic Induction (Part 1)
Electromagnetic Induction (Part 2)
Alternating Current
2 lectures • 1h 45min
Alternating Current (Part 1)
Alternating Current (Part 2)
Electromagnetic Waves
1 lectures • 0h 50min
Electromagnetic Waves (Part 1)


NEET 2023 Free Crash Course is a comprehensive online learning program designed to help students prepare for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) scheduled in 2023. This course offers free access to study materials, live classes, practice tests, and doubt-solving sessions to help students strengthen their conceptual understanding of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The crash course is structured to cover the entire syllabus of NEET 2023 within a short period, enabling students to revise and practice effectively. The course is ideal for students who are looking for a last-minute intensive revision program and want to enhance their chances of cracking NEET 2023.

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